About Big Daddy

Our seasoning got started in 1978. It was first made to help get bass club members to come to meetings for the best steak that they could get anywhere. It soon came to light that it was good on all meats and vegetables. Thus “Seasoning For All Things.” After that it was made for friends and family.

In late 2000 we gave out small bottles to the employee’s of a company that I was working for. We got such a good feed-back from this; we started looking into finding a blender to bottle it on a larger scale. This was done in 2004. The Mild seasoning was born and was followed closely by the Sizzling. The Hot sauces came next, and then the BBQ Rub came along after that.

The name “Big Daddy” comes from our 13 grand children and 2 great grand children, that is what they call him.2005 was the year we started putting our products in stores, by the end of the year we were in 16 stores; we picked up a small distributor, by the end of the next year we were in 63 stores, presently, we are in 90 stores in three states and have restaurants and caterers that use our products as their primary seasoning. We presently ship to 27 states and Canada.

Our product line has grown to 28 plus, with gift packs and gift boxes. One recipe book and vol. 2 almost completed.

Our goal: We want to grow “Big Daddy’s” into a family business.